Viking Spine


Our company Park Group Medical' was established in Trabzon, Turkey in 2001.

Our field of activity as sub-distribution was first mainly neurosurgery, but later we did expand to orthopaedics to offer spinal implants to a broader society.

In year 2004 we decided to move our office to Istanbul to be more central located.

After that change we started to import on our own directly, different international brands for distribution the complete market of Turkey.

Year 2007 was the time to start with company Medipark as an own brand of implants to be offered to the local market.

Design was firstly supplied from partners in Germany and Switzerland.

In year 2011 we have experienced that we have built up enough own expertise and knowledge in spinal implants, to start with our own creation and manufacturing of spinal implants, to stay more in independent to other suppliers.


Kucukbakkalkoy Mah. Dudullu Cd.
Brandium R1No. 23/72
Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 34758

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