Woundchek Laboratories


Previously the Diagnostic division of Systagenix, WOUNDCHEK™ Laboratories is focused on the development of novel wound diagnostics products to help improve therapeutic outcomes in wound care. . Currently, the cost of ineffective treatment is estimated to be $20-25 billion1 annually. . Clinical experts agree the use of point of care wound diagnostic devices could reduce the cost of ineffective treatment and delayed healing by being able to target the right therapy, on the right patient, at the right time, and for the right length of time². . A resulting financial benefit to health care systems can be achieved through significant reduction of the expenses associated with poor targeting of treatment, delayed healing, and avoidable complications. WOUNDCHEK™ Laboratories launched the world’s first and only point of care test to detect EPA (elevated protease activity) in chronic wounds in 2012, and over the past several years has become a recognized leader in wound diagnostics. .


Airebank Mill
BD23 3RX

151 Martine Street, ATMC
Fall River, MA
DD +44 (0) 1756 639111

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