WYHD Titanium, Inc.


WYHD was established in 1996 to supply Titanium and Refractory metal products.

We currently stock products including: Ingot, bar, plate, sheet and tube and can provide fasteners, flanges, rings, weld necks, fittings, black forgings or finished discs, galvanic equipment and special parts on request.

Our customers include major USA and European Stockiests and Distributors and suppliers to the Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Nuclear, Defense, Shipping, Marine and general engineering industries.

WYHD is committed to offering the highest quality of titanium and refractory meal product from concept and design to final finished machined product.

We offer the best combination of quality, availability and price in the market.


Jinye building 20 F2, Dianzi the second road No.72
Shaanxi, Shanxi Province 710065-006

The Company now operates from two sites in the China, our plant is located in Baoji, the city is also called "China Titanium City" due to the fact that 80% of titanium material comes from this city, our marketing branch is in Xi'an city.

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