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The Xeltis technology is designed to enable ETR, a new, transformational therapeutic approach in cardiovascular treatment.

Its bioabsorbable devices are designed to work as valves or vessels once implanted, and to allow ETR as the body’s natural healing process pervades them with components of native tissue, including collagen, endothelial lining and capillary blood vessels, which normally develop and organize themselves into natural functioning tissue.

The matrices are structured to be absorbed overtime, to leave patients with new, healthy, functioning valves or vessels.

The Xeltis devices are made of bioabsorbable polymers that are structured as porous matrices through electrospinning.

The Xeltis technology is based on Nobel prize-winning science of supramolecular chemistry by Professor Jean-Marie Lehn.


Seefeldstrasse 35
Zurich City, Zurich CH-8008

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