Younger Orthopaedic Surgeons Denmark YODA


YODA stands for Younger Orthopaedic Surgeons Denmark.

Its aim is:

To strengthen the orthopedic specialty by acting to
benefit of young orthopedic surgeons, including to carry out their professional, research, educational and organizational interests. 

YODA is an action-oriented organization that only exists because of and through its members. There are cards from idea to action. YODA is built around a number of interest areas, the most important being:

Education: YODA working to create the world's best orthopedic training.
Research: YODA working to improve conditions for young orthopedic surgeons who want to get started with research.
Kursusvirksomed: YODA organizes a variety of courses in orthopedic surgery.
Recruitment: YODA is working to ensure that the brightest doctors choose the coolest specialty!
Network: YODA promote co-operation across the country through the development of contacts and inter-collegiate networks.

YODA was founded on the DOS meeting in 2010 and topped 250 members in spring 2013. See the applicable statute here.

The initiative for YODA was taken in spring 2010 by four young orthopedic surgeons (Naja Bjørslev, Jakob dune, Kristoffer Barfod and Peter Toft Tengberg).


Glasvej 27,
Copenhagen, Capital Region 2400

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