Ziptek, LLC.


Ziptek LLC (the “Company”) is a Sarasota, FL-based medical device company that has developed what Ziptek believes to be the next generation state-of-the-art tissue repair and attachment devices.

These knotless tissue repair solutions allow for rapid and easy repair in minimally invasive surgical procedures where the surgeon is working in small spaces or through small incisions using an arthroscope.

The ZipE® device allows the surgeon to repair the tissue without having to tie knots in tight spaces-quick and simple.

It is a disc-surgical button also known as a suture retention device that moves in a forward direction down a suture with protuberances on it, once passing a protuberance, the disc is limited from moving in the opposite direction.

Thus, as it reaches the tissue to be repaired and is further moved along the protuberances, it creates compression on one side of torn tissue against the other–like a carpet tack or washer does with a nut and bolt- and simultaneously increases surface contact area spreading out the contact forces- knots and circular suture fixation don’t do this.


1250 S Tamiami Tr, Suite 303
Sarasota, Florida 34239
United States

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